Fresh Creatives

Fresh Creatives

Fresh Creatives is a podcast about creating new stories! Join our hosts as they create fresh new story treatments from scratch! We get our ideas from random story prompt generators, twitter memes, and directly from you! Tired of the same old stories coming from mainstream media? Join us for something fresh and creative!

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    True Justice

    Derek, an editor's assistant at the times working under editor in chief Chase Uptown, meets Stephanie, the assistant to millionaire capitalist Dutch Morrison-Thornton III, the man who just bought the Times to modernize it for the internet era. The two begin a romance unaware that their bosses are actually rival superheroes Captain Justice and The Nightwatcher, and they themselves are the superpowered wards of their bosses, The Samaritan and Nightshade. How will they keep their budding romance alive while their bosses are at each other's throats? Fresh Creatives presents the superhero romantic comedy, True Justice, because True Justice Conquers All!

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    The Jaguar is a master thief, but when he has to stash away his biggest score to evade capture, he has no idea what lengths he'll have to go to in order to recover it. Hot on his tail is Moose, a hard-boiled federal agent obsessed with catching the Jaguar. Their paths meet at Paradise Hills, a retreat for those who want to let loose and be free. How do you steal something, when there's nowhere to hide? Fresh Creatives presents - Uncovered

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    Safe and Sound

    Action dad was once the greatest explorer/archaeologist/adventurer in the world, but nowadays he spends his time trying to connect with his once adoring daughter. One day the priceless artifacts he had spent his life recovering start to disappear from their museums, so he sets off on a globe-trotting adventure to find the theif and recover his legacy. Fresh Creatives presents - Safe and Sound

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    The Capitalist

    It's our first Fresh Creatives session of the new year, Join us as we "yes and..." our way through another fresh story that someone should totally make! Presenting "The Capitalist" a treasure hunting adventure story diving deep into the dark past of America.

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    The Howler

    Fresh Creatives returns (with returning co-host Jess Ju) with an epic historical fantasy epic about a werewolf gunslinger, a Chinese railroad worker, and a silver mining town ready to explode with social tensions. Listen to find out how we pull it all together!

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    Dash through Hell

    Professional celebrity Jerome Dash thought he had it all, until an accidental fugu poisoning caused his untimely death. Now he's paired up with a rookie grim reaper on the road to his final judgement... except he can't stop running away. Presenting, a supernatural buddy comedy featuring overzealous ghost hunters, hungry soul-eating demons, and a totally not-snake road! - Dash through Hell

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    Mutual Interest

    Inspired by the thieving ladies of Ocean's 8, Marvin and guest host Jess Ju try their hands in crafting their own heist movie! Presenting mutual interest, a heist film where the scions of a local community bank plan a heist on a government backed megabank who is trying to make their father a scapegoat for the 2008 housing crisis (based on real events)!

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    The Last Train

    This episode of Fresh Creatives was recorded LIVE at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. Guest panelist Jeff Man joins us and a lie audience to create a fresh new ghost story featuring trains and the East Asian afterlife! Other ideas include a Cinderella noir heist, and a time-traveling Rom-Com.

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    Pop. 842

    For our Halloween episode, we decided to go Spooooooky! Presenting "Pop. 842," a story about a girl who finds a haunted town she's only been to in her dreams... (also pitched, a post-nuclear thriller, and Mark Twain's haunted books)

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    The Pharmacist

    Fresh Creatives is back! In season 2 we promise to be more daring (and more consistent!), and man, we begin the new season strong! In this episode, we present the martial arts period epic "The Pharmacist." It's The Departed meets Breaking Bad meets Ip Man, and it's amazing! (other pitches include a thrilling road trip and not so innocent children)

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