Fresh Creatives

Fresh Creatives

Fresh Creatives is a podcast about creating new stories! Join hosts Marvin Yueh, Chris Dinh, and Porter Duong as they create fresh new story pitches from your ideas!

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    Episode 9: Pop. 842

    For our Halloween episode, we decided to go Spooooooky! Presenting "Pop. 842," a story about a girl who finds a haunted town she's only been to in her dreams... (also pitched, a post-nuclear thriller, and Mark Twain's haunted books)

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    Episode 8: The Pharmacist

    Fresh Creatives is back! In season 2 we promise to be more daring (and more consistent!), and man, we begin the new season strong! In this episode, we present the martial arts period epic "The Pharmacist." It's The Departed meets Breaking Bad meets Ip Man, and it's amazing! (other pitches include a thrilling road trip and not so innocent children)

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    Episode 7: Merit

    Live from the 2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Marvin is joined by special guests Jess Ju, Director of Programs & Ops at CAPE, and Andrew Ahn, award winning director of Spa Night for a special live episode of Fresh Creatives. Together, our creative dream team develops "Merit," an thrilling heist story filled with brave girl scouts, shady tech bros, and Ja Rule.

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    Episode 6: Drifter's Gold

    Chris and Marvin dive into your story suggestions with an assist from the new challenge bucket (but actually a hat)! Listen to their verbal gymnastics as they try to figure out a futuristic road movie, a rom-com coming of age, and a modern western about shared dreams!

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    Episode 5: The Banana Farmer

    Welcome back to Fresh Creatives! This week Chris and Marvin introduce new parameters to their brainstorming process to squeeze out some extra creativity for you! Listen as they create the next great ROMANTIC DRAMA from pitches about robot schools, neural laces, and a monkey's love of bananas!

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    Episode 4: I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus (The Santahunter Chronices)

    On this special Xmas episode of Fresh Creatives, our hosts create stories from holiday themed pitches including a romantic comedy about a vampire love triangle, a story of sibling love through a haunted snowman, and a secret order fighting against the tyranny of Xmas!

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    Episode 3: Super Organ Squad

    On this episode of Fresh Creatives, our hosts create stories from pitches about the consequences of open heart surgery, a talking dog who knows too much, and a neighborhood Pho joint facing off against its hip new neighbor.

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    Episode 2: Overqualified

    On the second episode of Fresh Creatives, our hosts consider pitches about an alternate James Bond spy story, female reproductive biology and body swapping, and millennial unemployment.

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    Episode 1: The Order of the Potter: The Pottery Barn

    Welcome to Fresh Creatives, a podcast about creating new stories! Join your hosts Marvin Yueh, Chris Dinh, and Porter Duong as they work together to collaboratively develop a story pitch from ideas submitted by you our audience!

    On this inaugural episode, our hosts consider developing a Gen X/Millenial version of Freaky Friday, dating apps in a dystopian future, and an epic fantasy adventure involving a magical kiln and love that was the answer all along.

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